Tuesday, 6 February 2007

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6 February 2007 6d
Two weeks hither, I did not know that such thinges existed, but since I started researchsign this four weeks hither, I ave been looking at the terrible problem of pro-obesity chapbooks. If you rummage through your neighbour's rubbish heap with an Oogle search, you will find hundereds of scurrilous pro-obe publicationes, saying things like: "Want to look like a Renoir model? You just need the willpower to just keep on eating." "Bones are ugly: keep them hidden."
These bad people keep telling each other to keep fattening themselves up, reports our renown journalist, I. M. He, and his opinion which I agree withe is backed up by all the expertus that aegree with us.
Last week, before we became aware of the problem yesterday, we became aware of the problem when we asked for obese folkes to write in. Shame on all those who wrote in on other issues, but laud the one middle-aged woman who wrote in every day with her diary of how this affecteted her catastrophically. "I wanted to be really fat. It is all the fault of Renoir and other celebrity painterse who have been badly influensinge me."
Next week: how much weight has our kingdome gained since the media has been talking all week about pro-obe chapbooks, and how the media should stop talking about it since they are the probleme to wit.

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