Friday, 9 February 2007

Daily Lute Sports Pages

The Scotia Morris Dancing Team currently competing in the junior world championships in Kenyaland are losing to Kenyaland in the tournament final. Over to owr team back in the studio in Lundenne with more from Kenyaland.
"I didn't even know Scotia had a Morris Dansinge Team."
"Who is the Captain?"
"Let's see: I reckon it is one of Majid, Haj Gavin, Haimlton Brown..."
"Don't you think it is a bit riche of us Englishe to tease the Scotis. Look at how we, the home of Morris Dansign are suffereen performance-wisse in worold termes just now."
"Ah... ah... ah... well you see the difference is that English loose to good teams like Australiaburg and Zealand and the Indees, whereas Scotia have just lost in the tournament finale to Kenyaland."
"But surely no-one in Scotia even cares abut Morris Dansigne?"
"No... no... no... I think there will be billions of ordinarie Scotis standing by their locale beacon relay statione waiting for news of impending defeat."

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