Monday, 5 March 2007

LiveSkive News DriveFive

And now... it's over to Peter Alane and Rachel Heavyweight for tonight's Skivetime LiveSkive News DriveLive HiFive.

Thank you for joining us.

Tonight the CBB may exclusively reveal that we are the centre of a major news story.

The bad, bad government, who you all know is very evil for invading the peaceloving Shia and Sunni happiness community of Iraqistan, and for being too friendly with the Tyranical Dictatorland of Americaville, boo hiss, and for generally not doing what we want, when we want it now, has received an injucntion, through the Attorney General, from the Metropolitan Police, Peace Be Upon Them, to, er, shut up.

Now we are not allowed to tell you what is in this e-mail, which may not be an e-mail, and which may or may not have been sent from Ruth Turner, and possible or definately had a lot or little to do with Lord Levy, but after hours of stropping and huffing and puffing, we are now able to reveal that it is an e-mail that we are not to tell you about, and there it is: there is no story to report and nothing that we can tell you, but for the next fifteen minutes let's talk more about our not being able to talk about evidence from an ongoing investigation, because this is unprecedented, or at least very different, from a court case, where, er, we wouldn't be allowed to prejudice proceedings, er, anyway...

[Viewers, collectively: yawn]