Monday, 7 March 2011

Beknighting Talke!

[AAC Fat Comptroller: Whoever is releasing these scripts to Live Skive, would you please stop, otherwise we will have you posted to the Neue Wurlde Servace.]

Crawling Slurry: Yeah, high there, for some more fun, fun, fun as two teams go head to head to garble as much nonsense as they can, while the rest of us hold our bellies laughing at how much taxpayers money we are being paid. Who is first with a joke? Ha ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Five points.

Guest: But I haven't said anything yet!?

Crawling Slurry: Oh yes, sorry. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Tell me, guest, what topical nonsense have you got for us today?

Guest: Well I was thinking about Wayne Rooney and how funny it is that he plays football.

Crawling Slurry: Ha ha ha. That's a good one. Ha ha. Ha. Five points. [Buzzer sounds.]

Guest: If Wayne Rooney was a tea towel then he would be one with a map of Dorset on it.

Crawling Slurry: Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That's great.

Guest: My taxi driver was telling me on the way here that he had Cheryl Cole in his cab the other week. He said if I was getting paid the money you were getting paid...

Crawling Slurry: Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. And the winner at the end of that round is Mike with thirteen points. Do you want to be famous? Yeah, me too! Well, join us next week when we will have more guests who are so anonymous that they will make you feel like Michael Jackson and the Queen's non-so-secret love childe.

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